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Who’s the best sales person in your organization?  Often it’s the CEO, Founder, Director of Sales or Owner.  They simply have a passion for the business that’s hard to replicate.  Unfortunately, they can’t be everywhere and you can’t clone them.  Or can you?

You can – with video!

No matter what industry you’re in, your sales process is a critical part of your business plan and success.  Whether you need customers, clients or patients, video is a phenomenal sales tool that you should use to your advantage.

One video, Two purposes:


An “About Us” or “Why Buy” video not only demonstrates what makes your company/practice unique, but also shows your passion for what you do. This branded video is a great marketing tool and can be used on your website, social media and email marketing. Incorporating online video, web video and video marketing into your Boston digital productions company can have a great impact on your business.


This same video is also a great sales tool that your sales team should be utilizing whenever they have a client presentation. Here are a few benefits:

  1. Cloning: Having the company Founder, Owner or C-Level Executives in your video is a great way to have potential clients virtually meet them when it would be impossible for them to attend every new client meeting
  2. Consistency: Your video guarantees that your sales reps are delivering a consistent message to your potential customers.
  3. Concise: You can control the content and length of your video, so your video gets right to the point, makes your key points and lets you control the initial flow of the meeting. Many sales people tend to talk too long, go into too much detail on certain points or have a way of dragging out a PowerPoint until its painfully long….which doesn’t help your closing ratio.

Next month, I’ll talk more specifically about the messaging for your “About Us” or “Why Buy” video, as well as some different approaches out clients have had success with.