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Over the past 3 months I’ve talked about….

  • How “About Us” Videos can be used as a sales and marketing tool
  • The importance of discovering and sharing your Core Purpose with your customers and patients
  • How to utilize storytelling and your backstory in your messaging

So today I’m going to lead by example and demonstrate how to incorporate these tactics into your messaging and specifically videos.  I hope you’ll watch this 1 minute “About Us” video….and then use it to generate ideas for your business/practice.



Do you see how we used storytelling and shared our backstory?

Did you hear our Core Purpose (hint…our passion)?

As you can see, video is a great way to connect with your customers/patients/students.  There are a lot of different ways to tell and distribute your story to grow your business.  Not sure how?  Sign up for a FREE Video Strategy Session.  As a Boston media agency, we’ll learn about your business and share some ideas and strategies with you.