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When we launched our “Behind the Scenes” blog last year, I stated 3 goals: educate, inform and entertain.


  • Educate you on the latest trends and strategies in advertising, marketing and online web video. Basically, share our cliff notes.
  • Inform: Share client case studies and ideas you can apply to your own business/practice.
  • Entertain you with compelling video production and stories…from funny TV commercials to motivational and heart-warming web videos of personal struggles and accomplishments.


So today, I’m going to attempt to do all 3 at once. Yep, right now….and without a lot more writing.   So here goes…. Click on one or go for the Trifecta. Enjoy.


Educate: Here’s a quick 15 second DYK video.



Inform: Here’s a one minute client case study.



Entertain: Here’s a 30 second TV ad that we think will give you a quick chuckle



As you can see, video is a great way to connect with your customers/patients/students….and you can accomplish a lot in short amount of time.  There are a lot of different ways to tell and distribute your story to grow your business.  Not sure how?  Sign up for a FREE Video Strategy Session.