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Mobile video advertising has turned into a critical part of any marketing strategy, especially in large bustling cities such as Boston. Mobile videos can go viral, get shared, and engage users immediately. There is no specific way to do mobile video advertising as it depends on the nature of your brand, but there are some tips to consider: 

Optimize for Low Bandwidth Connections

Always keep length and quality of the video ad in mind when targeting mobile phones, as going mobile means risking spotty receptions. Shorter ads are more advantageous than longer ones due to smartphones’ small screens and the fact that millennials grew up with short-form content. People automatically expect an online video to load in just a few short seconds or else they will abandon it, so keep this in mind when creating your video. Megabytes of bandwidth can be wasted by visitors trying to play your videos if not optimized effectively.

Offer Something of Value

Having too much product-promotional content can often be received by consumers as spammy and may end up being blocked. The goal of your video marketing strategy should be to educate, inspire, and entertain so it is then shared and remembered. Nobody wants to see a pitch for your product or service every time. Try to slide in something memorable for your customers. For example, consider the location of your business. Here in Massachusetts, creating a Boston branded video offers potential customers a relatable and comforting video production. We are on the South Shore so we know Boston!

Maintain Brand Consistency

The most well-crafted social media videos in Boston are able to communicate a strong message in a very short time. Don’t add a ton of extra content to your web video; keep it to the bare essentials. If you take too long to deliver the message, viewers will stray away. Make sure that your brand is present from the first frame of the video, allowing you to leave a brand impression even if a viewer were to scroll past your video after just a few seconds. Don’t hesitate to incorporate a large logo and keep your brand recognition elements consistent.

Make Sense Without Sound

Your video should make sense without sound. Why? People often watch content on their phones with other people around them and do not want to disturb them. Also, some apps don’t play audio unless you tap the video for sound. Use text or captions in your video to increase engagement. Incorporate catchy colors and keep editing cuts to a minimum.

Include a Clear CTA

The lack of a good call-to-action is a huge reason why some brands fail to get their users to move down the sales funnels. The placement of your CTA is key. You can choose between a pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll CTA. Mid-roll CTAs, which can be added at any point during the video, often convert the best. 

Viamark Video

Viamark Video is a Boston film production company that takes video marketing to the next level. We can help you to reach your target audience, wherever they are watching. We create effective and affordable video content for your website, YouTube, social media, and new emerging online channels for local and regional clients. It all starts with good storytelling, so just contact us. We’ll listen to your story, and then help you tell it.