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There are many types of videos you can create for your business to serve different purposes. Some are meant to educate, some provide entertainment, and others do a little bit of both. To increase the likelihood of your video being viewed and standing out among competitors in large cities such as Boston, there are a few tips you can follow:

Know Your Audience

You should always consider your audience before taking any other steps in the video creation process. While this does include thinking about your audience and what their needs are, it also means segmenting your audience based on your business objectives. If your goal is to drive awareness in Boston, your audience will be different than it would be for people that already visit your site, but need a push to add a product to their carts.

Concept and Script

When creating your script, start by determining the video format. For example, will it be a product demo with a voice over or a person speaking on camera that requires a carefully curated script? Once you have chosen your video format, create an outline and then fill in the details.

Clear and Simple

Your video should be easy to understand rather than using corporate jargon that viewers may not understand. Customers want to understand what your business can do for them. If the video is too complicated or detailed, viewers will stray away to find something more simple. A good rule of thumb is to avoid overused business words like “innovate,” “disrupt,” etc. To make sure you don’t include jargon such as this, go through your script and highlight all the jargon, then replace it with simpler terms.

Remember SEO

Optimize your business video for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) by adding keywords in the title, description, and tags and uploading a transcript. This will allow your video to be found easily by those searching your brand name or keywords associated with your business or service.

Add Music

The right music can have a big impact on the overall effect of a video. Depending on the purpose of your video, you can add a gentle melody in the background or a beat that synchronizes with the movement in your video. There are many possibilities and royalty-free music comes in all price ranges, so we have something for everyone.

Viamark Video

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