What is Bridgital

Bridgital is a unique system that combines the power of video branding and digital targeting specifically for local/regional businesses and the local landscape.

Bridging the Brand-Digital Gap with Bridgital.
Viamark’s Bridgital System is Uniquely Designed for Local Brands.

Frustrating, isn’t it? When only the larger brands are able to pull off household-name status, and the local brands get left behind. Why can’t smaller brands gain iconic status, too?

Enter Viamark’s Bridgital System, a brand strategy method that has a proven track record for larger clients but has not been affordable for many local businesses…until now. With Viamark’s Bridgital System, we’re able to brand local businesses with video and audio ads in target towns and counties (with little or no waste). The result? Local clients seeing strong, double-digit revenue growth over the last three years with this strategy.

How Does Bridgital Work?

Bridgital is a four-step system that includes:

1. Creative Development and Production:

We write and produce 15 or 30 second video ads that will effectively brand your business.

2. Targeted Branding Ad Placement:

We place your video ads so they only run in your targeted cities/towns and zip codes.

3. Digital Advertising:

We develop a digital advertising campaign that is designed to reach your Now Buyers.

4. Tracking Growth:

We will choose agreed upon KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that we will track monthly to ensure we’re achieving your goals.

Become a household name in your own backyard!

Give us a call and be prepared to grow with Bridgital.

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