Peak Physical Therapy

The Client

Peak Physical therapy has 9 locations throughout Massachusetts to provide greater access to the South Shore’s best physical therapy services. Their state-of-the-art facilities include access to the best treatments and equipment to ensure a fast recovery. They have even expanded their facilities to include access to therapy pools as well as indoor sports fields.

The Need

The client’s Physical Therapy Practice was growing at 10% per year. They were mainly using PPC to market their 4 suburban locations, but the Cost Per Click kept getting more expensive.

The Approach

Viamark took a TraDigital approach to the client’s marketing by adding traditional Cable TV and Online Video advertising with their existing PPC efforts. In addition, we added SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to reach the “now buyers” and reduce our dependence on Google’s Pay Per Click advertising. While also producing a series of videos about the practice, patients, and team that improved the client’s online conversions.

The Results 

The client has far exceed their previous new patient growth and patient visit goals each year and recently opened 3 more locations.


Year 1: 2019 – Up 16%

Year 2: 2020 – Up 4% (Despite COVID)

Year 3: 2021 – Up 42% (Up 52% over 2019)

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