Video Advertising

Video marketing and Distribution services to get more views

A car without an engine isn’t going to get very far, like a video without a strategy. It is essential to have a strategy and that’s why we provide access to our video advertising and marketing team. Here’s a brief overview of some of our video advertising services.

  • OTT & Streaming Video
  • CTV-Connected TV
  • Video Pre-roll Advertising
  • YouTube Advertising
  • Video Syndication for Social Media
  • Video SEO for Google
  • TV and Cable Media Buying
  • On-Demand Advertising
  • Multiplatform Distribution (mobile, desktop, set box top)

Video Pre-roll Advertising

We create unique and compelling promotional video ads for YouTube and Programmatic Pre-Roll ad buys. Most pre-roll ads are 15 or 30 seconds, but YouTube also has 6 second bumper ads. Based on your business’s target audience, and focusing on key demographic or geographic ranges, we utilize our programmatic video buying platform to place your video ads on websites your potential customers are most likely to visit.

On-Demand Advertising

We can also help you place your TV ads in On-Demand programming.  These are typically non-skippable ads that run as pre-roll or mid-roll during Television programs you select through your Cable TV box.

Video SEO & Optimization

To ensure our high-quality corporate videos are used to the best of their abilities, we offer Video SEO (also known as Video Optimization). The goal of Video SEO is to make your video easy to find in Google searches and YouTube searches.

Video Syndication

Viamark Video, being a Boston video agency, will take care of getting your video to the masses. We use our extensive experience in the industry to distribute your videos to the social media platforms, websites and through other digital channels that will get them seen.  Some of the best social media platforms for business videos include Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Branded Video Content

Looking for an effective and affordable way to promote your brand or business in other ways? Branded video content isn’t just for national brands anymore. Similar to product placement on TV shows, we can help your business create entertaining video content that features your company, product or service.

Video Analytics

Video analytics play a very important role in how we develop your video marketing strategy. Our video analytics reports will give you a better picture of your customer and their online journey on your website. We’ll also take a deeper dive into who your customers are, what they are watching and how you can enhance their consumer experience through insights provided by your videos.


For those of you who aren’t in the media industry, you are probably wondering what these terms stand for.  OTT stands for “Over The Top”. This includes streaming video services that viewers are accessing directly from the internet (bypassing cable TV, broadcast TV or satellite TV).  And more specifically, OTT video advertising is viewed on a mobile device (a mobile phone, ipad or laptop computer).  Most of the OTT ads we place are pre-roll ads. These are 15 to 30 second videos that appear before a viewer gets to the specific content they chose to watch. These ads can be skippable or non-skippable depending on our goals and strategy.

CTV stands for “Connected TV”. This is similar to OTT, but CTV content is viewed specifically on the big screen TV in the home.  These homes or television sets are receiving video content or programming from a mobile streaming device (ie – Roku, Apple TV, Fire Stick) instead of an antenna, cable or satellite.  Similar to TV advertising, the CTV ads we purchase are non-skippable and appear in the commercial breaks during regular television programming.  The best part is that we can target specific homes or specific target demographics with your video ads…which is what makes CTV so valuable and an excellent advertising tactic.

Traditional Media Buying- TV Advertising

There is something to be said about tradition, and with our decades of experience, we know ratings data and media buying in both network TV and local cable television. We will lead you through the process of researching the right audience, planning the TV ad creative and then placing your television commercial on the appropriate channels and geographic markets for your business. Our clients are still seeing great results from TV and Radio advertising when combined with a digital advertising component.  This is part of our “Tra-Digital” media buying strategy in Boston.  If you want to learn more, just contact us to schedule a call with our Media Director.

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