Healthcare Video Marketing

We care about people and the community… which is one of the reasons we specialize in Healthcare Video Production and Video Marketing. In healthcare, your mission is to serve; our mission is to honor you by sharing what you do for your patients and your local community.

We love to tell compelling stories about healthcare organizations, healthcare providers, doctors, and their patients. Stories that impact people and improve lives. Healthcare Video Production is how we tell those stories. Healthcare Video Marketing is how we distribute those stories to the masses, so they can make an impact. What you do and what we do matters. Together we can make great things happen.

Our Healthcare Video Marketing Model:

Step 1: Strategy – First, we meet with your team to gain a true understanding of your vision and goals for your healthcare practice or hospital system. Then we develop a content strategy and a list of potential video topics. And lastly, we outline a video distribution strategy for your new video content.

Step 2: Video Production – Once we’ve agreed on our healthcare video content, our creative team writes and produces each video with the strategy and end-goal in mind.

Step 3: Video Distribution – Our video marketing team handles the distribution of your video content, so the right people see your video(s) at the right time. This will likely include both online video advertising that drives people to your content and then mapping out an online video journey for new visitors to your site. We execute our video strategy to maximize results and then we’re constantly analyzing and making adjustments to improve those results over time.

Why Video Storytelling?

Stories connect with potential patients and build trust.

It’s not just about what you do…it’s about “WHY” you do it. Your passion comes out with great video storytelling….and that’s how you build emotional connections.

It’s all about Real Stories and Real People.

We help you explain your values, your vision, your mission, and what makes your hospital system or healthcare practice truly unique…. and we do it in a way that engages people, so they keep watching your health care video productions to learn more. Our team has over 20 years of experience capturing video content inside of hospital systems, healthcare practices, and medical practices. And we’ve conducted hundreds of interviews with doctors, nurses, medical staff, and c-level executives for a variety of hospital and healthcare clients.

Why Video Marketing?

Healthcare Video Marketing is the best way for healthcare marketers to reach their target patients, increase awareness, and most importantly, build trust; but a great video is only half the equation. You also need to create a video distribution strategy that drives new patients to your website and a video content strategy for your website that helps your potential patients complete their online journey…and leads to a call or click.

And that’s what we do. We will design a campaign to achieve your marketing goals and generate a return on investment. At Viamark Video, strategy, marketing, and award-winning video production come together for the sake of achieving your goals. 

See samples of our Healthcare Videos below and to see even more of our work, click here to visit our Healthcare Hub

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