AAWC – Association for the Advancement of Wound Care

The Client

Dr. Lisa Gould at The South Shore Center for Wound Healing, a division of South Shore Health, contacted us with a unique situation. 

The Situation

Dr. Gould was going to be speaking at the Annual AAWC Summit in Atlanta in a few weeks and the patient that she had planned to accompany her, Mr. Tom Barnard, Sr. was suddenly unable to travel. The doctor was planning to bring her patient to help humanize her presentation.

When Mr. Barnard was not able to make the trip, they thought a healthcare video would be a great way to accomplish their goal and share his story with the attendees at the AAWC Conference.

The Timeline

We had approximately 3 weeks to conduct interviews with Dr. Gould, the patient, and his son (his primary caretaker), and then edit the healthcare video in time for the conference in Atlanta.

The Video

The healthcare video was a big hit. Dr. Gould said:The video was so well received you just can’t imagine it.” Here is the video that tells the inspiring story of Tom Barnard, Sr. and how Dr. Gould and the team at South Shore Center for Wound Healing was able to help heal his wounds and improve his quality of life.

The Results

The clinicians at the conference were really appreciative and Dr. Gould received requests from other doctors that said the video would help them show the value of a wound center.

At Viamark Video, video production for healthcare clients and causes like this are our passion.   

We especially enjoy producing videos for special events….whether they’re for informational purposes or fund-raising. Please let us know if we can help healthcare association, medical practice or non-profit with copywriting, video production or video marketing. If you’re in Boston, Massachusetts or anywhere in the New England area, we’re here and ready to serve. Plus we will travel anywhere in the country for the right cause and the opportunity to tell a compelling story that can make a difference.

For more information on the Association for the Advancement of Wound Care, the South Shore Wound Center and South Shore Hospital in Weymouth MA, please click on the links below:




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