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A video without strategy is like a car without an engine. Strategy is essential. It’s why we provide:

  • Video Pre-Roll Advertising – a demographically and geographically targeted ad campaign that shows 15 or 30 second video ads on the websites your potential customers visit most
  • Video SEO & Video Optimization – optimizing your video for the web, so it’s more easily found in Google searches
  • Video Syndication – sharing your video with the masses through social media channels
  • Branded Video Content – a popular form of advertising where the advertiser funds a video production for the purpose of promoting their brand or business online.
  • Video Analytics – reporting that shows what videos people are watching on your website and additional insights about their customer journey
  • Traditional Media Buying – Media research, planning and placement for Network TV and Cable TV.


Online Video Advertising


Video isn’t just for TV advertising anymore. Today’s technology is allowing TV viewers access to all their favorite programming, even if they have decided to “cut the cord”. Good news – you can still reach these “cord cutters” through online video advertising; including pre-roll, mid-roll, Connected TV (ad streaming) and OTT. Video pre-roll is the :15 or :30 second ads you see before news, weather, sports or other video content on a local or national website.

With our programmatic buying platform, you will have access to video pre-roll inventory on over 50,000 local, regional and national websites plus YouTube, Facebook and Instagram video. The best part? We can target your ads so they’re only shown on a local level to your target customers.

Connected TV or OTT allows you to advertise in TV programming to consumers who are streaming the content on their TV, computer or mobile device. You can also target consumers watching Hulu or similar streaming services. We can help you advertise locally to anyone watching through Apple TV, Roku, FireStick or similar streaming devices….or even good old fashioned cord-attached TV.

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Video SEO-
Video Optimization

Why is optimizing video important? To ensure it’s seen. People who search online for particular information or key words will find your videos on YouTube, Google or other search engines.

Our video optimization program includes optimizing the information section, tags, location, video title, video keywords and more, plus embedding your new video on your company website, blog, and social media channels. Video SEO is a one-time build out with a one-time fee for each video we optimize.

Video Syndication

Video Syndication will push your video out to thousands of potential customers through your company’s social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest through promoted posts.

It’s a faster way to get your video message in front of thousands of new potential customers, and it works well when you have a series of videos to share over time. This could be a series of “How To” videos that are related to your business/industry, or a series of entertaining TV commercials to help you gain more traction, affordably.

At Viamark, we have special package pricing available for production of a series of videos.

For more information, contact us.

Branded Video Content

Sight, sound and motion have always been a very powerful way to tell a company’s story; but for many companies that no longer means just buying traditional TV ads. Today, advertisers have a variety of new and creative ways to connect with consumers online and tell their story in a compelling way that feels more informative or entertaining and less like an ad.

Branded video content is a popular form of advertising where the advertiser funds a video production for the purpose of promoting their brand or business online. There has been a huge increase in branded video content online and it’s attracting large audiences on YouTube and other online channels.

Best of all, branded video content is no longer just for national brands and advertisers. We create effective and affordable video content for YouTube, social media and new emerging online channels for local and regional clients. It all starts with good storytelling, so just contact us. We’ll listen to your story, and then help you tell it.

Video Analytics

Video Analytics allow you to better understand your customers online journey. You can track user engagement on both your website and within the videos on your website. This information lets you see what people are viewing, how long they are watching, what parts they are watching or re-watching, if they’re clicking out of your video early, and what action they’re taking after leaving your video.

In addition, video heat maps, engagement graphs, and viewing-trend reports will give you great insight into the effectiveness of your videos and the user experience.

Imagine knowing exactly what parts of a video viewers watched, skipped and re-watched. With all of this data and insight, we can help you create better content for a better user experience and improved results.

Traditional Media Buying

We have over 20 years experience along with the ratings data and media buying software needed to effectively research, plan and place Network TV and local Cable TV buys anywhere in the country.  We have great relationships with the local media managers and account executives in our local markets….and over the years our team has placed buys in over 200 markets throughout the US and Canada.

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  • Using videos on landing pages can increase conversions by 80%. – eyeviewdigital.com
  • The average time spent on a new website is just 56 seconds, but visitors who view video on a retail website stay two minutes longer. That’s a 300% increase. – Nielsen Research
  • Videos are 53 times more likely to appear on the first page of search results than pages with text alone. – Forrester Research
  • 85% of customers are more likely to make a purchase after watching a product video.
- Internet Retailer
  • Adding videos to email marketing boosts customer interaction by up to 200%-300%. – Ogilvy
  • 89% of people are watching TV shows and movies on a connected device, and 87% are watching content across screens simultaneously. – Accenture
  • 68% of Marketers and Agencies anticipate increasing their digital video ad spend in the next 12 months. – Interactive Advertising Bureau
  • Statistics show that the demand for video content is growing rapidly: 43% of people want to see more video content from marketers. And 52%of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. – Hub Spot

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