WAGS - Wrist Assured Gloves 

The Client 

WAGS was created by an occupational therapist to alleviate wrist and thumb pain through four different styles of gloves, with varying levels of support. If supporting weight on your hands is uncomfortable, it may be due to weakness, an injury, overuse, arthritis or tendonitis. This is where Wrist Assured Gloves comes in. WAGS include not only a patented gel wedge inside but also V cut-outs to avert pressure on the median nerve and to provide full wrist support during workouts.

The Goal

Viamark Video worked alongside Paula Wilbert, the owner of Wrist Assured Gloves, also known as WAGS in order to highlight the product and find a strategic investment partner. Product demonstration videos can be a very valuable tool especially for increasing conversion rates for products sold online.

The Cause

For us, it is all about alleviating the problems of potential consumers. Whether you are doing push-ups n the park, lifting weights, or taking part in exercises such as yoga, the design of the WAGS gloves will ease the pain.

To learn more about WAGS (Wrist Assured Gloves), how they work, or to purchase online, please click on the links below.




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