Bradford Health

The Client

Bradford Health has been treating patients with drug and alcohol addiction since 1977.

They currently have 28 locations in 6 states and have helped over 500,000 people recover from their addictions over the past 40+ years.

The Goal

Develop new healthcare video marketing (TV commercials and online videos) that would make an emotional appeal and connect with more potential patients who want help and want to change their lives. 

The Cause

Alcoholism and Drug Addiction is a disease that affects almost everyone in some way. Addiction affects more than individuals…it has a major impact on their friends and families as well.

This cause really resonated with our founder and our team, so it was our pleasure to fly to Birmingham, AL to conduct interviews with over a dozen of Bradford’s “Alumni” and their staff.

We met some amazing people who have completely turned their life around and shared some very inspirational stories. In addition, many of their former patients are giving back to the cause and are now working at Bradford to help other people conquer their addictions.  Alcohol and drug addiction are a serious issue in our country, and we were honored to meet all the individuals at Bradford who dedicate their lives to helping this cause.   

View their story below.

The Results

Bradford Health has seen a significant increase in new patients since launching their new TV commercials and online videos. Below are samples of 2 of the 8 Healthcare Videos we produced.

Our Passion

At Viamark Video, video production for healthcare clients and causes like this are our passion.   Please let us know if we can help your rehabilitation center, hospital system, medical practice or non-profit with copywriting, healthcare video production, or healthcare video marketing. We are based in Boston MA, but we will travel anywhere in the country for the right cause and the opportunity to tell a compelling story that can make a difference.

To learn more about Bradford Health or to find a Bradford Health location in your area, please click on the links below.

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