Viamark Video's Company Profile Videos Generate ROI

Viamark Video’s Company Profile Videos Generate ROI

January 2020

Viamark Video visited the main campus of Bradford Health in Birmingham, AL to interview their patients and staff. After 3 days of shooting interviews and gathering B-roll of their facilities, we produced 10 video ads (15 and 30 seconds each) designed to drive people to the Bradford website and targeted landing pages.

April 2020

Viamark produced a long-form “Welcome” video for Bradford’s Home Page and social media advertising. This video was designed to make an emotional connection with visitors to the website, keep them on the site longer, and increase conversions. After just 1 month of A/B testing the website with and without the video on the home page, it was an obvious home run.

Viamark Video | Boston MA

May 2020

In just one month, the “Welcome” video generated 187 phone calls to Bradford. The client’s closing ratio is 25%, which means the actual number of phone calls generated in May came from just 50% of their web traffic.

While A/B testing the video (half the visitors saw the video on the page and half didn’t), Bradford saw a 2x lift in conversions when the video was on the home page. They put the video on the website permanently in June.

Whether you call it an About Us video, a Welcome video, or a Company Profile video, one thing is clear: Viamark Video’s Company Profile videos generate ROI. Visitors will spend more time on your website. You’ll see increased conversions (calls, online forms, emails).


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