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Campaign Development and Concepting

This is where it all starts. Long before we start writing copy, we have a video strategy session with you and your marketing team.  Once we understand your business, your marketing goals, your customers, your sales process etc.; then our Creative Director and copywriters can start thinking about developing a creative marketing campaign that fits your brand and will achieve your goals.

The challenge with most sound and vision media advertising mediums is that you only have 30 seconds or less to tell your story or convince someone to take action.  The secret is to build a consistent campaign.  One TV ad or video ad can’t do it all, but our team of creative experts will help you build your messaging and develop a long-term strategic campaign that consistently delivers results year after year.  And we have plenty of case studies over the past 20 years to prove it.

The campaign or the concept is like the foundation of a house.  Once we have a solid foundation and a clear vision, we can write ads that will be consistent and true to your brand.


One of the things we do that most video production companies don’t is branding.

What that means is we don’t just make ads or videos, we create a brand….and if your company is already well branded, we make sure that everything we produce is consistent with your existing brand.

Brand-Definition: The marketing practice of creating a name, symbol or design that identifies and differentiates a product from other products.

What makes a consumer choose one business over another? It comes down to the association they make with that business – the Brand. At Viamark Video, our film production here in Boston is based in branding. That comes from strong reasoning, and creative thinking. Your branded videos or TV ads will project a national quality that most local or regional businesses could never afford…until now.


Shooting / Video Shoots

We have the crew, the gear and the experience to handle any video production project big or small.  The majority of our video shoots are out in the field at our clients’ locations, but we also have a green screen studio and audio recording studio available for clients that want to come to us.  We have video crews based in Boston, MA, Philadelphia PA and Raleigh NC which makes it easy for our video team to shoot anywhere on the east coast; but our team loves to travel for video shoots…so just say action and we’ll be there.

Shooting Client Interviews:  Our clients love us because we make the process easy for them. Most people who have never been on camera before are naturally nervous. Our producers and videographers set up and conduct interviews in such a way that you will practically forget there are any cameras in the room. This is how we help capture the real you and tell your story through video production.  If you want to see some examples, just take a look at the web videos on our work page and YouTube channel.

Shooting Scripted Content: We have over 20 years experience shooting TV commercials, Web Videos and Training Videos, so we will have a well thought out shot plan before we show up on location and our video producers will handle all the pre-production details beforehand to make sure everything runs smoothly on set.

Video Equipment: For a complete list of our video gear from 4K Cameras to Professional Lighting Kits and Audio, just email us and we’ll gladly send you a copy.

Click here to get a behind-the-scenes look at our process with client Southers Marsh.

Video Editing

Editing is where your video production comes together. We have a talented team of video editors with years of experience producing everything from TV commercials to web videos for local and regional companies in the Boston area to national businesses throughout North America.  People think we work hard when we’re on set shooting a video or TV commercial (which we do), but what they don’t see is the days of work that can go into producing a 30 second TV commercial or a 2 minute web video. For most web videos, our editors and producers have to review hours of video footage in order to find the best audio clips and b-roll shots to tell a company’s story in 2 to 3 minutes. They are true storytellers, and at the same time our editors and producers are aware of our video strategy and the marketing goals for your videos. Getting the final product right is a true team effort.

Motion Graphics and Animation

Motion graphics are a type of animation that you’ll see in most professional TV commercials and corporate web videos. Motion graphics describes moving or animated graphic design. Animation is an umbrella term for the whole field of moving imagery, including everything from cartoons to 3D animation.

We have a team of graphic designers and motion graphics experts who can handle any type of project from mixed media to 2D and 3D animation.  Motion graphics are a great way to keep an audience’s attention in a TV commercial, video pre-roll ad or social media video.  We also utilize motion graphics and basic animation in a lot of corporate web videos, they can be used to bring your information to life (charts, graphs, data etc.) or to simply emphasize key points in your video. In today’s ADD world, we know that motion keeps people’s attention and keeps them engaged in your message.  So we do all this extra work for one reason; to help you achieve your marketing goals and get better ROI from your videos.

Audio Imaging

Sound is crucial to a good video. Yes, you read that correctly.  Sound is a very powerful tool when you’re building TV commercials or online videos. It may seem subliminal, but a video campaign without a well thought out sound design will fall flat.  These are the details that our producers and audio experts pay close attention to when producing your videos.

Whether it’s the announcer voice, the right music or sound effects; each piece of the audio track is crucial to the experience we create for the viewer.  Just imagine a blockbuster movie without sound effects or music…. chances are it would feel flat and lack the same emotional impact.

Our founder started his career in radio advertising, so we still produce a good number of local, regional and national radio commercials. This includes audio ads for streaming radio like Pandora, Spotify etc.  One of the other benefits of having our roots in radio, we have access to hundreds of national male and female voice talents.  We are able to partner with the same voice talents you hear on national TV and radio commercials and then utilize them for our local and regional clients at a discounted rate.  This is another differentiator between us and other video production companies in the Boston area.

In addition, our team has 20 years experience creating audio flags and custom jingles for local, regional and national clients.  You can close your eyes, but you can’t close your ears.  Many of our client’s slogans are remembered by hundreds of thousands of people because it unknowingly got stuck in their head thanks to the power of echoic retention.  This is something we’ve studied for years, so if you need help with an audio flag or jingle, you’ve come to the right place.


Effective writing and messaging is an art form. Fortunately we’ve been testing the effectiveness of our strategic writing for 20 years. We’ve developed specific copywriting strategies and formulas for the different industries we work with ….which is how we’re able to write ad copy that consistently delivers reliable results for our clients.

Why is our ad writing so good? All we can say is that we have one of the best copywriters in the business.  Our Creative Director, Lori McIlwain, has been with Viamark for almost 20 years.  Our team and our clients are very lucky to have her.  She could be on Madison Ave writing for national and global clients, but fortunately for us, she loves working for our Boston area, New England and regional clients throughout the east coast.

Put your campaign into motion, Viamark Video has the tools to help your business succeed! View our list of Video Production services and continue reading to learn more about each tactic below!

  • Campaign Development/Concepting
  • Copywriting
  • Shooting
  • Editing
  • Motion Graphics and Animation
  • Audio Imaging

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