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At Viamark Video, we don’t just produce videos. We tell stories. Stories about business owners and their customers. Stories about doctors and their patients. Stories that evoke emotion. Stories that differentiate you and your business. But great storytelling is only half the story. We also make sure your video gets seen by your target audience during their buying journey, because great videos without a strategy won’t generate a Return On Investment….which is why you’re likely interested in producing video advertisements (TV commercials, web videos or social media videos).

Today, everybody in marketing is talking about video production. Everyone wants video content, but they don’t know why or what to really do with it. What makes Viamark different is that we start with strategy. Our first question won’t be what kind of video do you want. Our first questions will be what do you want your video to accomplish and what are your business goals.

What Makes Us Different?

We are different from other video producers because we’re a marketing company first. We started Viamark in 2001 as a full-service advertising agency. Our founder has over 25 years of consulting clients on their marketing and advertising. And our Creative Director has over 25 years writing and producing successful TV commercials for local, regional, and national ad campaigns.   Over the years, our team has developed proven marketing strategies that have achieved such great results that many of our clients have been with us since we started in 2001.

So if you’ve been hearing a lot of talk about video or getting inundated with statistics about the importance of video for your business. You don’t need another dude with a camera, what you need is a video marketing team who can help you produce professional branded video content that is specifically designed to achieve your marketing goals and generate a return on investment. And that’s what we do right here in Boston.

We actually want to be held accountable for results and return on investment. It’s how we are wired… it’s what we do. When video production became one of the best tactics to help our clients accomplish their goals, we embraced what we already knew from our years in TV production and media buying; and applied these strategies to producing web videos and successful online digital video advertising campaigns. Viamark Video, where strategy, marketing, and award-winning video production all come together for the sake of achieving our client’s growth goals. Viamark Video, 20 years in the making…and here to help you every step of the way.

Our Back Story 

A great video usually starts with a good backstory, so here’s ours.

It all started back in 1984, our founder, Glenn Anderson, was living in Norwell MA…and the Cable TV company came to town.  Suddenly the Anderson’s 19-inch color TV was loaded with new and exciting channels, like ESPN and M-TV.  And as much as Glenn loved watching the latest videos from bands like Van Halen (who were still cool back in 1984), something even more exciting happened. The cable company built a professional TV studio in Norwell High and Glenn took his first Video Production Class. It was love at first shoot.

And then in 1985, Glenn was selected to be part of a special class that produced a weekly news show that was viewed by the entire high school every Friday afternoon; TVN News. They wrote, shot, and produced the entire show….and in addition to being behind the scenes, Glenn and a friend had a weekly feature show called “Car Care” (to be read in a thick Boston accent).  Their bits were like Wayne’s World before it existed, but while having fun and making people laugh they taught viewers how to change a tire, jumpstart their car, and other types of basic vehicle maintenance.

After majoring in Mass Communications at UMass Amherst, Glenn decided he was more comfortable behind the camera, and a career of writing and producing TV commercials was launched.  Along the way to today, Glenn spent almost 10 years in radio advertising before launching Viamark Advertising in 2001. Since then Glenn has enjoyed consulting clients on their business and marketing strategy while creating dozens of successful advertising campaigns.

When we started Viamark in 2001, we were frustrated by all the bad advertising we saw on local TV. Today we get frustrated when we see businesses with good quality videos on their website or YouTube with only a few hundred views. We wanted to solve these problems, and this has led us to our passion. We love to help local businesses grow and we want to make a positive impact in our local community. How do we make sure people see your video? With video SEO, video syndication for social, video pre-roll ads, OTT/CTV video ads, and, of course, TV ads for reaching the masses. We create compelling video content and make sure it’s seen by your core customers (at various stages of their buying journey) so you can differentiate your business and achieve your growth goals.

To learn more about our backstory, here are links to articles where Glenn and/or Viamark was featured in local, regional, and national publications. 

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