Purpose and Possibility

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Purpose and Possibility

I recently attended a 3-day seminar where I literally spent 39 hours learning about myself while discovering my purpose and imagining my possibility.  The days were long (10 am to 11 pm Friday, Saturday and Sunday), but the experience was worth it.

Sometimes I think we need to break away from all the daily activities that keep us busy (at home and at work)…they look a little different for each of us, but we know what they are. 

And when we take this time to give our mind a break, we have the opportunity to examine why we do what we do and also imagine where we want to go next.

So here’s what I discovered when it comes to my work.  I love 2 things more than anything.

  1. Video Storytelling
  2. Healthcare and cause-related projects


So that’s my purpose, I’ve surrounded myself with talented people that help me produce effective video content that I find personally rewarding because it helps a greater cause.



Why did you choose to work in healthcare?  This is likely your Purpose. 

I’m sure for most of you, your purpose is already very clear for you.


What’s your Possibility…that can be much harder to figure out.

Why…because we’re often too busy with our daily tasks to really stop and think about it.

And then for starters, you need to write it down.  

Walt Disney’s Possibility was to “Bring Happiness to Millions.” 


So what’s my new possibility?  Creative for a Cause 

I want to inspire and motivate millions of people to make positive changes that make a difference in our local community and our world. 

This is going to become the guiding principle for our video production and video marketing business moving forward.  We want to tell compelling stories for healthcare clients and non-profits that make a difference and these success stories will become our motivation to do more and more.   We’ve been helping clients with their creative content and advertising for almost 20 years, but now we want to get hyper-focused on our true purpose and our new possibility.  So we’re going all-in on healthcare and cause-related marketing. 

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