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In today’s COVID world, sales and marketing people need a new way to get in front of customers, get their attention, get their interest, and then move them through the sales cycle. At Viamark Video, we can help you accomplish this goal with 2 different types of videos.

  1. Personalized Videos delivered directly to a potential customer via email. We recommend using Vidyard or a similar platform. With Vidyard, your salespeople can quickly make customized videos for each potential client they’re calling on. From within that video, they can go on to create custom playlists, link to their calendar, or link to a landing page where your prospect’s video journey starts. And most importantly, your sales team will be notified when a prospect watches their video, thus tipping them off when it’s a good time to follow up. At Viamark Video, we can quickly set up your Vidyard platform, so your team can start Selling Remotely. 


  1. Customer Journey Videos are web videos that we produce to help you lead your potential customer down a Path to Purchase. The first video is typically shorter (30 seconds or less) and is likely on a custom landing page (or served up using one of our online video ad buying platforms). Then as people engage in your content, you can customize their viewing experience and also provide them with longer and more specific content.


The Next Step is our Secret Sauce. We’ll teach you our Video Sales Secrets and help you build a custom Remote Sales Strategy to fill your sales funnel back up.

The key to video sales and marketing is to give your prospects the content they crave in the format they love. We can help you develop a video strategy for your business that will deliver a consistent ROI. Just Contact Us and we can explain the whole Remote Sales Process in more detail.

What does a Personalized Video look like? Just click below.


We have been using these remote selling tools for over 5 years now and have over 15 years’ experience producing web videos that get results for clients. But with all the restrictions around COVID 19, these video sales tactics are more important than ever. Either way, here are just a few reasons why video has been an effective sales and marketing tool for us and our clients over the past 5+ years.

Video Helps You Shorten the Sales Cycle

Videos bring customers through the Attention, Interest, Conviction, and Desire stages faster. It’s at this point where they are most likely going to contact someone on your team to help them BUY.

Video Builds Relationships

People buy from people that they know, like, and trust. If you’re not able to meet with prospects in person, it’s difficult to build a personal relationship. Our Video Strategy can help you bridge that gap.

Video Can Educate Your Customers

We can help you develop video content that will keep your prospects and existing customers educated on your product or service. Timely video can generate net-new and upsell or cross-sell business opportunities.


Personal Videos Save Time

With the Vidyard platform, you can quickly shoot and deliver your video emails. A few clicks and you’re ready to send engaging content to your team, customer, and prospects. For many people, this can be easier than writing an email.

How does a Video Playlist work? Just click below.


As part of our Quick Start program, Viamark Video will develop custom video sharing pages that empower your sales team to send video emails in a consistent, branded environment.

Video onboarding also includes:

  • Custom CTAs: Our graphic designers will develop custom designs for your videos CTA’s. These CTA’s can appear during or at the end of each video.
  • Branded Video Hub: Your Video Hub can look similar to your website. There are lots of options. We’ll help you determine what will be most effective for your business.
  • Vidyard Onboarding: Get up and running quickly with Viamark Video. We assign users, add your branded subdomain, and provide resources and supplemental training to quickly turn your team into a Video Sales and Marketing Machine.


Vidyard Integrations: Vidyard seamlessly integrates into all of the major players in the CRM and MAP space, here’s a list of the integrations that work within your technology ecosystem. You’ll get better analytics and richer workflow when paired with your favorite technologies.


Viamark Video develops video marketing strategies and puts them into action. We can handle everything from copywriting to video production to video advertising and video content distribution.

And we’re all about ROI. We will provide you with monthly reporting and data insights, so we can continuously improve your RESULTSVideo drives pipeline 6x faster with video!

The video content that we develop together will do the selling for you. With our Quick Start Program, we’ll take care of everything from setting up your sales team with the Vidyard Sales Platform to writing and producing web video content that engages your prospects, keeps them on your website longer and increases your conversions.


If you need to get started with Remote Video Selling ASAP. We can get you up and running with fast and efficiently with our Quick Start plans. We can get you and your team set up and using the Vidyard platform within 2 weeks.


  • Project kick-off
  • Vidyard technical setup and onboarding 
  • Existing video platform content migration
  • Custom branded sharing page
  • Custom call to action / event creation (up to 5)
  • Embed videos on website (up to 5)
  • Video marketing report creation 
  • Live Vidyard and video marketing Q&A session

*Contact Us for Pricing

To get more information on how we can quickly get your company started with a Remote Sales and Marketing Plan, just click here to contact us or click here to schedule an appointment with our Founder.


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