Shields MRI

The Client 

Shields Health Care is the leading provider of MRI, PET/CT, and Radiation Oncology services in the Boston area and New England. With over 30 locations in New England, Shields is very convenient and easy to find. Shields MRI is probably best known for being the official MRI provider for the New England Patriots, Boston Celtics, and Boston Bruins. 

The Need

The marketing team at Shields wanted to create a series of healthcare video productions designed to educate doctors at non-partner hospitals about their capabilities. With their focus on cutting-edge technology and provider expertise in reading images, Shields has a very strong story to tell. 

The Result  

After 3 days of on-site video shoots and conducting interviews with multiple doctors and technicians, we were able to produce a series of over 20 videos that the client has been able to use for a variety of healthcare video marketing tactics. This has allowed them to create a video library for their marketing team to use every month and the Marketing Director is very happy with the results. 

Here’s a sample of one of the videos.

At Viamark Video, video production for healthcare clients and medical practices like this are our passion. Please let us know if we can help your imaging center, hospital system, medical practice, or specialty healthcare practice with copywriting, video interviews, video production, or video marketing. 

Viamark Video is a video production and video marketing company based in Boston MA. We serve healthcare and medical clients in Boston, New England, and anywhere in the US.  We’re always looking for compelling healthcare stories to tell and can also help with your video strategy, video marketing, and video advertising in order to maximize your response.

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