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Is your marketing strategy falling behind? Is your social media profile missing that eye-catching engagement piece? With the help of Viamark Video, our video products can help you create the perfect video to help you stand out from your competitors and engage your customers. View our list of video products below and continue reading to learn more about each one!

  • Company Profile Videos
  • TV Commercials
  • Video Pre-roll Ads
  • Video Content for Websites
  • Video Interviews & Client Testimonials
  • Explainer Videos
  • Social Media Videos
  • Longform Videos
  • Sales Videos
  • Product Demonstration Videos
  • Recruitment Videos

TV Commercials


We’ve been writing and producing TV commercials in Boston for over 20 years (long before clients were asking for web videos and social media videos).  The challenge with TV ads is that you only have 30 seconds to tell your story or convince someone to take action.  The secret is to build a consistent video campaign.  One TV ad can’t do it all, but our team of experts will help you build your message and develop a long-term strategic television campaign that consistently delivers results year after year.  And we have plenty of case studies over the past 20 years to prove it.  You can view some samples of successful TV commercials on our work page, but if you want to see a series of TV commercials that we’ve produced as part of a longer term campaign, just contact us.

Sales Process Videos

Sales process videos are designed specifically for your website. First, we analyze your web traffic and your online sales funnel. Once we have a good understanding of your customers online journey and what pages they visit as they go from the top of the funnel to becoming a customer; then we can create specific sales web videos to help speed up their online journey and improve your online conversions. Video is a very powerful tool for increasing your online conversions and generating ROI for your business.  This is what differentiates us from most video production companies, we start with strategy before we make any recommendations for your video content. To learn more about our video marketing process and how it works, just visit our contact page.

Video Pre-roll Ads

If you watch any video content on YouTube or other websites, then you are likely familiar with video pre-roll advertisements. Pre-roll ads are typically 15 or 30 second video commercials that come up before the video content you were planning to watch.

We’ve taken what we learned from producing TV ads and developed a formula for producing successful video pre-roll ads that get results.  The main difference between a television commercial and a video pre-roll ad is that most pre-roll ads are clickable. This means you can customize your call-to-action to entice the viewer to click on your ad and link them directly to your home page or a custom landing page.  But be aware, the click-through rates on video pre-roll ads are typically pretty low (less than 1%), this is because your interrupting someone on there way to watch a particular video.  Although with our tracking systems, we have data that shows a much higher percentage of people who see your video pre-roll ad visit your website after seeing it. This is very similar to the attribution we see with TV and radio advertisements.

Web Videos

We produce web videos for a large variety of clients and industries.  The most popular web video we produce is a Company Profile Video or “About Us” video. This is typically a 2 to 3 minute video that brings your company, product or service to life.  There are a variety of ways to produce an effective Company Profile Video ranging from storytelling to animation to interview format. The best way for us to demonstrate this is to look at some of the samples on our Work Page.  Your Company Profile Video should be featured on your home page and your About page. In today’s online world, this is your best chance to quickly connect with potential customers while explaining what makes your business unique, better or different from your competition.

When you work with Viamark’s digital productions in Boston, we will take the time to learn about your business, your customers, your customers online journey and your sales cycle before we make any recommendation regarding the creative strategy for your corporate web videos. Our corporate web videos are designed to improve your online conversions and take your potential customers through your sales cycle faster. That’s how you get ROI from your video and how we help you achieve your growth goals.

Social Media Videos

Social Media Videos are exactly what they sound like. Videos for social media.

Sounds simple enough, but there are a couple different types of social media videos that you’ll usually see on your favorite social channels.  We typically produce professional video content for social media for clients that are buying videos ads on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn right here in the city of Boston.

These videos can be used for an extended period of time and are consistent with the brands other marketing and messaging. The strategy for producing this type of social media video ad is similar to how we produce video pre-roll ads. These are top-of-the-funnel video ads that are designed to capture and engage new potential clients or patients. We buy Facebook Video Ads, Instagram Video Ads and LinkedIn Video Ads for our clients. This is typically part of a bigger “Tra-Digital” advertising strategy.

If you are producing daily or weekly video content for your existing social media followers, then we recommend you produce your own content. We can produce a high-quality animated video opening for your social videos, but this type of video content should have more of a local or home-grown feel. It should feel more real and less produced. We can give you some tips on shooting your own video campaign with your iPhone, but otherwise just hit record and let it roll.

Explainer Videos

An explainer video is a short video commonly used by businesses to quickly explain a particular product or service in a memorable way.  Explainer videos are often animated videos or whiteboard videos, but we find that some of our best and most powerful explainer videos are produced as Mixed Media Videos.  A Mixed Media Video is a production demonstration video technique where we use a combination of footage with motion graphics and animation to help emphasize or explain key points on-screen.  Most explainer videos are usually scripted and have a professional voice over talent. We have access to over 200 different national voice talents, so we can make sure we have the voice and look that best fits your brand and your messaging.

Product Demonstration Videos

We can produce product demonstration videos for any business or industry.  A product demonstration video could be similar to an explainer video, but it’s probably less likely to be animated.  Most product demonstration videos we’ve produced are scripted and can be shot with a product expert.  We usually write the script first, then shoot the demonstration and add a professional voiceover at the end so it all syncs up. Product Demonstration Videos are a great way to quickly walk through features and benefits of a product and can be a huge time saver for onboarding new clients or patients.

Training Videos

We produce a lot of training videos for businesses, medical device companies and healthcare clients. Our training videos are usually scripted and approved in advance.  Getting all the details figured out in advance is really important. Another key to a successful training video shoot is to have a product expert on-site who can either demonstrate what needs to be seen on-screen or can coach the model or actor who is seen in the video.  Most people are surprised that it could take an entire day (or more) just to shoot a 10-minute training video.  The reason for this is you have to breakdown every step in the process and set up each shot separately.  Depending on the product or service, training videos can also be produced using animation, so like every video production we would meet with you in advance to discuss your goals for the training video and then make recommendations on the best way to shoot and produce the video.


Sales Videos

One of the biggest challenges many companies face is training their sales people and making sure they stay consistent with your company’s brand messaging and product or service positioning. One way to control this process is to arm your sales team with a Company Profile Video and/or Explainer Videos that they can have on a laptop or iPad for client presentations.  This is a dynamic and engaging way to kick-off a new client presentation and really bring your company and product or service to life. Also, one big added benefit, this is a way for your new potential client to virtually meet your CEO or other key employees.  These people usually don’t have the time to attend all your client meetings, so sales videos can be the next best thing to cloning.



Video Interviews: Meet the Team Video and Customer Review Videos

Two other types of web videos that we’ve found are very beneficial to our clients are “Meet the Team” videos and “Customer or Patient Testimonial Videos”. These are video interviews and they’re usually on separate pages of your website.  Meet the Team Videos are usually interviews with CEOs, Doctors or other key employees.  This is a great way to humanize your business or practice so your potential customers or patients feel comfortable with you and your team.  Every business owner and marketer knows how important online reviews are today, which is why Customer Testimonial Videos or Patient Testimonial Videos are so important for your business or practice.  Your potential customers are looking for unbiased opinions, reviews, recommendations or information from people that have worked with you in the past. Having a separate page with this type of video testimonial or video review is very powerful and will help your potential customers move through the sales funnel that much faster.

Longform Videos

We consider any video over 60 seconds as a longform video. Most TV commercials, OTT video ads, CTV video ads and video pre-roll advertisements we produce are 15 or 30 seconds (and sometimes up to 60 seconds).  So long-form video content could literally be anything from a 2 minute web video to a 1 hour documentary to a 2 hour movie.  We’re not in the movie business, but you get the idea. As a corporate video production company in Boston, most of our long-form videos are web videos, sales videos, sales process videos, explainer videos and branded video content.

Recruitment Videos

We produce 2 types of recruitment videos. Employee recruitment videos and patient recruitment videos. These are 2 very different projects, so I’ll break them down separately.

Patient Recruitment Videos: We have almost 20 years experience producing patient recruitment videos and TV ads for Pharma Companies, CRO’s and healthcare practices.  We’ve produced dozens of high-quality, affordable patient recruitment videos and commercials for clinical trials for some of the largest pharmaceutical studies in North America, and right here in Boston.  The key to writing an effective patient recruitment video ad is understanding the target patient and their concerns.  You really need to humanize the message, so it makes an emotional connection with the patient and motivates them to call.  The results we’ve seen speak for themselves, just contact our patient recruitment advertising team and we can share some of our clinical trial case studies.

Employee Recruitment Videos: One of the best ways to entice great people to join your team is to let them meet your happy team members.   An employee recruitment video is usually interview based and could be similar to an “About Us Video” or Company Profile Video, but the focus of your story isn’t on your customer it’s on your employees and why they love working for your company. In this video, you can share your company’s backstory, mission statement, your why, your passion for the business, your culture, unique employee benefits etc.  But ultimately, you want to humanize your business by featuring key team members which will help you find more people who want to play a role in your future vision.

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