Creative For A Cause 

“Creative For A Cause” is more than a catchphrase. It is our mission. It stands for who we are as a video production company and video marketing agency. We aren’t just about video production — we are about people and the community. This is why we wake up and come to work early every morning, and why we don’t mind when a half-day video shoot turns into a 14-hour day with no lunch break. Our roots are in Boston, Massachusetts, but we are here to spread your story and mission throughout New England, the United States, or even worldwide.

At Viamark Video, storytelling is our passion. For us, it’s all about the cause and generating results. We love to tell compelling video stories that move people and motivate the masses to take action… whether that’s improving their own life or helping an entire community. What we do and what you do matters. 

We collaborate with healthcare practices, non-profits, educational institutions, agencies, and healthcare professionals to produce video content for medical practices, schools, and non-profits. We see problems as opportunities. We love to brainstorm and strategize with our clients, so we can build effective and efficient video marketing campaigns that accomplish big goals. 

And that’s why “Creative for a Cause” was born.

We want to inspire and motivate millions of people to make positive changes that make a difference in our local community and our world.

How do we do it? It really comes down to 3 steps.

  • Strategy – We meet with our healthcare clients to gain a true understanding of their vision and goals. Then we develop the strategy for their video(s) and the distribution of that video content.
  • Production – Our creative team writes and produces each video with the strategy and end-goal in mind. Click here to see samples of our work.
  • Distribution – Our video marketing team handles the distribution of our video content, so we reach the right people at the right time. It’s all about executing our strategy in order to maximize results. Click here to read more about our video distribution tactics.


To read more about how the idea for “Creative for a Cause” was born, just click here.

To see more work samples, visit our “Creative for a Cause” video hub.