Boston Sports Medicine


After many years in business, the client’s physical therapy practice hit a plateau. The client was using Pay Per Click, SEO and Social Media to market their 5 locations, but needed to brand their business in order to keep up with the competition (mostly larger PT conglomerates moving into the area).


The client needed better brand recognition and name awareness in order to stand out online and generate more clicks, so the first step was to create powerful 30-second videos that created excitement and gave the practice a personality. Viamark then took a Brand-Digital approach to the client’s advertising by combining targeted Cable TV and Steaming Video advertising with their existing digital efforts thereby reaching potential patients at various stages of the buying cycle both onscreen and online. Measurable goals were set for new patient growth goals and were monitored monthly.


A dramatic increase in new patients within the first year.

Over the past 5 years, the client has continued to exceed new patient growth goals each year and has opened 3 new locations.  Since they are now well known in the area, the new locations tend to fill up very quickly with new patients.

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