3 Benefits Of Video Content Marketing

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There is no doubt that video content is becoming more and more popular, especially here in Boston. People are turning towards video streaming and video sharing sites to create original content. This shift towards video marketing is effective since many users are drawn towards video advertising rather than written content. If you are a business owner that is asking if video marketing is an effective way to market your business, the answer is yes.  Here are 3 benefits of video content marketing.

1. Catch the Consumer’s Eye

Video content is more appealing to users. Retention rates for social media videos far outpace those of text based content. Creating original video content for your audience will keep them wanting them to come back for more. A good way to create this unique content is through transforming your current text content into exciting video content. Creating interesting videos to share with your audience regarding new events or a new product helps create a buzz for your business.

2. More Conversions

Adding video to your marketing efforts helps increase your conversions overall. Video performs better than other content for producing conversions. Increasing viewers through sharing on social media or other video sharing outlets such as Vimeo or YouTube can help increase your ROI. 98% of users say they’ve watched an explainer video to learn more about a product or service. Furthermore, 74% of users who watched an explainer video went on to buy that service or product.

3. Connection To Your Audience

As you establish your video marketing presence in Boston, it is important to establish a good relationship with your audience. Creating entertaining video content that your target audience will find both enjoyable and relatable will lead to more shares. This in turn will improve your brand recognition overall. 70% of users claim that they have shared a brand’s video with a friend or on their social media if they enjoyed it.

Viamark Video

Clearly, we can see that video marketing will help improve your business’s visibility through creating original video content. With a decent social media following and share-worthy videos, your business can increase sales. Viamark video specializes in video marketing right here in Boston, Massachusetts. Through creating strategic web videos with us, your business can dramatically improve the user experience, increase user interactions & time spent on your site, as well as improve conversions & overall ROI. Learn more on our website or Contact Us Today.