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Are you interested in creating a promotional video for your company in the city of Boston to advertise your products or services? Turning video ideas into reality may seem complicated, but there are steps you can follow to make it seem like a breeze:

Identify Your Goal

Begin by thinking about why you want to create this video. There are plenty of reasons, but some may include educating customers, driving traffic, creating brand awareness, driving sales, or simply increasing customer engagement right here in the heart of Boston. Do you have multiple goals that you would like to highlight? If so, it may be a good idea to consider creating a single video for each goal. If you pack too much information into one video, especially a short one, you will likely confuse your audience.

Choose The Creative Direction

Once you have identified your goal for the video, you can begin deciding on the direction. For example, if you are a new company with lots of competition, you may want to go in the direction of an “introductory” video with a “problem/solution” angle that explains how your company can provide solutions that other companies can’t. Other creative directions include narratives, testimonials, entertainment, informative, explanatory, etc.

Set The Tone

When thinking about the tone of your video, focus on how you want the video to make your audience feel. Keep your direction in mind, as it should mesh well with the tone of your video. Some tones can include humorous, entertaining, urgent, conversational, informative, dramatic, and more.


You may think that you can’t decide on the length of a video until you have created a script, but putting restrictions on the time can help make your concept more effective. This can help you avoid the headache of having to cut a script from three minutes down to thirty seconds. When you are deciding how long your video should be, consider your goal, where the video ad will appear, and the overall budget. All these factors will help determine whether you need three minutes to tug on viewers’ heartstrings or thirty seconds to promote a sale.


Once you have decided on the goal, creative direction, tone, and duration of your video, it is time to figure out what your viewers will see. The aforementioned factors will also help you decide on your visual style, which can be animation, live-action, whiteboard, screencast, etc.

Viamark Video

All of these factors together can help make an eye-catching video that will drive your point home. Viamark Video is a Boston video production company that takes video marketing to the next level. We can help you to reach your target audience, wherever they are watching. We create effective and affordable video content for your website, YouTube, social media, and new emerging online channels for local and regional clients. It all starts with good storytelling, so just contact us. We’ll listen to your story, and then help you tell it.