How do you produce a Company Profile Video?

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How do you produce a Company Profile Video?

Company Profile Videos – Production Options and Styles


Last month I talked about the importance of adding a Company Profile Video to your home page, About Us page, and your social media profiles. The goal of this video is to quickly introduce your company explaining what you do, what makes you unique, and most importantly why you do it.


So what’s the best way to tell your story?  Here are a few options to consider:


▶️  Interview-Driven:  We conduct “60 Minutes style” interviews with the Owner/Founder and key staff. Plus adding customer testimonials to the mix is a very powerful marketing tool to add credibility to your message. We combine the best interview clips with high-quality b-roll footage of your business, and you have an Award-Winning Company Profile Video.


▶️  Scripted with Voiceover: This is what it says it is. Our Creative Director works with you to develop a powerful message that will resonate with your target customers. Once we have the right message, we work to find the right voice and music. We have over 200 national voice talents that we work with and a huge library of music that we can license for you. The visuals for this type of video can be a combination of b-roll footage taken at your business, film-quality stock footage, and motion graphics.

▶️ Scripted with Voiceover and Animation: Similar to the preceding video; we start with scriptwriting, finding the right voice talent, and licensing a music track….then the time-consuming work of animating your video begins. There are different levels of animation…most of our clients choose 2D Animation because 3D Animation can be costly and more than what you need to effectively tell your company’s story.  Animated videos are often used to explain a product or service, so you’ll also hear these referred to as “Explainer Videos”.


So which one is the best?
Interview-Driven Company Profile Videos are the most popular style amongst our clients because they really help to humanize the business and allow people to virtually meet you and your team, see your business in action and hear feedback from some real-life customers.

But what’s best for your business?
Short answer…that depends. That’s why we always start the creative process with a Video Strategy Session to learn about you, your business, your customers, and your goals. In many cases, we’ve produced Company Profile Videos that were a hybrid of 2 or 3 different styles.


Is this a good investment? We’ve seen Company Profile Videos pay for themselves in the first month. 

Want Proof? Check out this case study.


Want to see Samples? 

If you want to see some examples of a variety of Company Profile Videos for different industries and the different styles we explained. Just visit our Company Profile Page or our Company Profile Library.


Next month, I’ll talk about the pros and cons of each type of company profile video and the variables that affect the pricing.


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Have a great week!





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