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What does it take to get a user to stop scrolling and view your Instagram video ad? First things first, it must include video. Successful Instagram video ads will inform users, increase the odds of following a call to action, and drive them to your landing pages. How do you create an Instagram video ad that viewers will love?

Blend In

The cold, hard truth is that people love to skip ads. When people are scrolling through Instagram, they will most likely scroll over a post if they can immediately tell that it is an ad. It is essential for brands to blend their ad content into the feed in a way that looks natural, as if they are just another person the user follows. It is important for the content to spark interest in a way that makes users want to know more. Blending into the feed and providing interesting content are two great ways to get people to stop scrolling and make your ad naturally stand out among others, especially in a large bustling city such as Boston.

Focus on a Theme

Speaking of blending into the feed, what can you do to make that happen? The key is to refrain from over-promoting your content. Focus on a single theme for your social media video ads. The same way color themes and repetition are some of the best Instagram trends, consistency in your video ads helps you avoid confusing your audience. Come up with a content type and theme for your video campaigns.

Don’t Rely on Audio

Content on Instagram does not play audio unless the user taps the video for sound. This means that you can not rely solely on the audio in your video for important brand messages or announcements. Use captions to get users to stick with your video ad, but make sure you aren’t getting too wordy. The caption should explain the ad’s purpose in just a few words. 

Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

Make sure that the pages you are linking to with your Instagram video ads are optimized for mobile traffic. To do so, start by ensuring that your landing pages are responsive. Use short paragraphs or bullet points for your text to keep from overloading users with too many words. If you want users to make a purchase, make the purchasing button a simple, one-step process. Limit content so mobile pages load quickly.


It is essential to watch your comments, track engagement, and be ready to answer questions. The more you engage with your followers, the better the experience they will have, which may lead to a better chance at sales. 

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