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Video is one of the most versatile digital marketing tools to use right now. At Viamark Video, a Boston media agency, we specialize in effective, compelling video content. It is a surefire way to increase engagement on your digital and social channels, educate your customers, and market your product or service in an entertaining, informative way. Millions of people watch video content every single day, so if you have not yet utilized video marketing, now is the time to start! Here are some secrets of successful video marketing:

Tell Your Story

Center your videos around the story of your brand rather than the sale. You will want to concentrate on providing value for your customers while appealing to their wants and needs. Tug on their emotions a bit! Telling a story in your video gives you the chance to explain the hard work behind the origin of your brand and the culture of your business.

Grab Their Attention

If a video fails to grab the viewer’s attention within the first 10 seconds, they will probably click away. A great way to spark interest is to ask questions and use teasers that will make them want to keep watching. People subconsciously ask themselves “Why should I watch this?” while watching videos. If they do not feel as if it will interest them, excite them, make them laugh, or pull any type of inspiration out of them, they will not watch the video in its entirety. Create something that your audience will want to watch from start to finish!

Show Some Personality

It’s okay to use comedy in your video marketing strategies! People often stray away from humor in the corporate world because they feel it may come off as inappropriate, but it may help you get your point across more effectively. Everyone loves to laugh, so take the leap to utilize comedy in your videos. You will definitely stand out from your competitors!

Prove Yourself

For the visual learners out there, you can educate your audience by teaching them how to use your product or service via video! This is also a great opportunity to let your consumers know how to use your product or service to its full advantage. You may teach them something they never would have known before! We produce training videos for a large variety of products and services.

If you are ready to get started on creating video content for your Boston area business, this is the place for you. Viamark Video in Boston MA specializes in building effective video SEO and we love to help businesses grow. Do you have a big idea that we can help with? Contact us today!