The Power of Client Testimonials

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The Power of Client Testimonials



This is a pretty old quote, but I saw it years ago on a business card for a PR Firm…and I think it still holds true today.


One of the goals of a PR or Communications company is to get a reputable source to write a newspaper, magazine, or online article about your company or service…and if you can get in the TV News, that’s great too…since this content or endorsement will not be viewed the same as a paid ad and is more apt to be trusted by the consumer.

So what does this have to do with video?

We conduct dozens of client interviews when we’re out shooting videos for our clients, but 90-99% of this footage never gets seen if we only produce a 2-3 minute company profile video or a 30-second TV ad for a client.

So this is where you’re big opportunity lies. You can use all this great footage to produce client testimonial videos.

Client Testimonial Videos
This is your chance to let your customers tell their story about why they love your business. We recommend keeping these to about a minute in length and ideally creating a page just for your client testimonial videos and written testimonials.  This is a very powerful, but subtle sales tool.

Other ways you can use your client testimonial video content

  • Social Media Posts
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Presentations
  • Direct Mail or Print Ads (with a QR Code link)
  • In TV Ads or Streaming Video Ads
  • In Radio Ads (just use the audio)

The list could go on. Let me know what you think I forgot.

Here are samples of a few different client testimonials.

Just reach out if you’re interested in discussing how we can help your clients tell your story for you. Email:

Next month, we’ll talk about different ways you can use Employee Testimonials.

Have a great week!










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