How do you stay connected when forced to virtual activities?

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How do you stay connected when forced to virtual activities?


I was going to apologize for not writing a blog last month, but I realized this is really good news!  Like many of you, our business slowed down this spring due to Covid and quarantines. With quarantines in effect, we went almost 3 months without having a video shoot at a client’s location.  Things started to pick up in early summer, but this fall we’ve been shooting new video content in Boston every week since Labor Day.


What changed?

  1. Pent up demand from clients that needed new social media ads, TV ads, and web videos.
  2. People realized they needed an alternative way to stay connected with their employees and clients. With hundreds of conferences, award ceremonies, and in-person events being canceled…businesses need a creative way to keep those events interesting, engaging and entertaining….and more than just another zoom call. Video is the perfect solution. 


We have been helping businesses in Boston reimagine and recreate all kinds of events.  For example:

  • A Virtual Tour as part of a Grand Opening Event
  • An Annual Awards Ceremony for a Hospital
  • Video Presentations for Annual Meetings


Here’s a sample of a Video Tour for a Virtual Grand Opening



Video keeps those human interactions going.  As you prepare for a socially distanced winter in the Boston area…. give us a call and let’s brainstorm how we can keep you connected and make your next virtual event an Academy Award Winner.

Glenn Anderson

Viamark Video Production – Boston Office


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