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Are you considering video production, but just not sure how to create great branded content? Think about the way pop stars and movie studios execute their video tactics. There is a reason why we love the things we see on television and on the big screens. Follow these tips from the stars:

Create What You Want to See

Before creating a video strategy, think about social media videos that you would actually take the time to watch if they were coming from somewhere else. It doesn’t have to be all serious business all the time; if there’s something a little different that you’re into, incorporate it into your videos. Most people on the internet love watching things that are different than what we’re used to; take ASMR videos, for example, like Zoe Kravitz’s Super Bowl commercial.

First 3 Seconds

The first few seconds of a video matter more than anything. If you can’t grab your viewers’ attention through film production immediately, they are going to click away from your video and find something that actually interests them right away. Have you ever noticed how movie trailers put the most action-packed content in those first five seconds before the trailer really starts? It’s what gets people locked in and wanting to see more. 

Different Cuts, Different Platforms

It is best not to upload long videos to social channels. When is the last time you saw a 15 minute video on your timeline and actually stopped scrolling to watch the entire thing? Consider video editing and posting short reels of your video instead, and encourage viewers to click a link to watch the whole thing. 

Watch Your Competitors

Find out what your competitors are doing and figure out ways to do it better. Success does not come without stepping on a few toes; if you aren’t doing it, someone else will. You can also study what your competitors are not doing well in their video productions, so you can avoid doing the same.

Closed Captions

Optimizing for mobile viewers is key. People are not always stationed at their desktops or laptops; they watch content on their phones while riding the bus or at the coffee shop on their lunch break. Sound and vision media do not always go hand in hand, therefore your videos should have closed captions to cater to these people that are on-the-go without their headphones handy. 

Viamark Video

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