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Content marketing has met its match. While it is wonderful to maintain a steady blog and create captivating email newsletters, video will really help you stand out in the minds of your leads. Why? The 2019 Global Internet Phenomena Report found that video accounts for over 60% of downstream traffic on the internet. It is absolutely worth investing in.

Benefits of Video

Video is easy to consume. Reading a page full of text might be dreadful for some, but often those same people won’t mind watching a video for more information. Video can keep visitors on your website longer and has many uses. It is a great way to explain your products or services, allowing you to demonstrate what it’s like to use the item in person or explain what you do in an easily understandable way. They also allow you to reach a wider audience; videos on social media get about 1200% more shares than text and images. Video can even help you reach the top of the ranks in search engines because it signals a high-quality user experience.

The Sales Funnel: Stage One

The sales funnel is a model of a customer’s journey from awareness to purchase. In the first stage, awareness, the customer recognizes that they have some type of problem and have begun searching for solutions. The goal of the videos that you use during this stage should be to make a connection. Doing so will allow you to stick in the minds of your audience, whether it be by creating a message that resonates with them, creating a feeling of shared values, or sparking their interest. You can do this with explainer videos, product demo videos, or company profile videos that express your brand’s values and mission.

Stage Two

The second stage of the sales funnel, consideration, is when your leads are interested in your business but are not quite ready to make a purchase. Perhaps they have signed up for your email list or frequented your blog. They are likely comparing you to another company that has caught their interest as well, so now is the time to convince them that your business is the best option. In this stage, it is important to not only inform, but to build trust with your audience. Try using more in-depth explainer videos with lots of detail, “meet the team” videos, case studies, and testimonials. Here is an example of a testimonial video created by Viamark Video:

Stage Three

Stage three, the final stage of the sales funnel, is decision-making. At this point in the funnel, the customer has done their research and is ready to decide whom they are going to purchase from: you or your competitor. Now is the time to make your potential buyers feel special by going out of your way to connect with them. You should also address any potential questions or concerns about your product or service. You may do so with how-to or FAQ videos as well as personalized videos. Now that the lead feels as if a relationship has been built between themselves and your business, they will be more likely to choose you during their purchasing decision.

Viamark Video

Viamark Video is a Boston based digital video production company that takes video marketing to the next level. We can help you to reach your target audience, wherever they are watching. We create effective and affordable video content for your website, YouTube, social media, and new emerging online channels for local and regional clients. It all starts with good storytelling, so just contact us. We’ll listen to your story, and then help you tell it.