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OTT/CTV Video Advertising


In a digital world, the ability to capture your audience is more crucial now than ever before. Users have made a tremendous shift to online, especially during COVID-19. With a new way of life comes a new era of opportunity as people turn to

the internet for all facets of their daily lives, including what television programs they watch. As all media consumption has increased during this uncertain time, streaming and forms of video advertising are skyrocketing. With a surplus of inventory in the streaming world,  OTT/CTV provides a plethora of opportunities for businesses to get in front of their target market. Staying on top of the trends for video marketing and video production Boston are critical, and can enhance business revenue throughout the remainder of the year.


 What is OTT/CTV video advertising?

 Over the top and connected TV video advertising in Boston includes content that is streamed over the internet. This tactic is the new norm and can be attributed to the mass consumption of media by internet users everywhere. OTT stands for over the top and refers to any online content provider that offers streaming media as a standalone product. CTV stands for connected TV and is just another term for a television that has an ethernet connection or can connect to the internet wirelessly. With Americans watching  60% more television than before, the growth rate for OTT/CTV video advertising is huge with a 37% expected increase in 2020.  OTT/CTV offers an opportunity for advertisers to use video storytelling and video marketing to promote their business. For businesses working with a Boston video production company, utilizing video in their advertising will put their organization ahead of the competition and in front of their target audience. 

Why utilize OTT/CTV video marketing Boston?

While the coronavirus swept the nation, many national campaigns decreased their advertising, allowing for a plethora of inventory in the advertising world. There is a huge opportunity now and in the upcoming months for businesses to advertise through video marketing. All media consumption is through the roof leaving a surplus of ad spots available for  video marketing Boston. As people are continuing to stay at home, the ad inventory for streaming services such as Roku, Hulu, Apple TV are increasing as more and more people turn to these services for their everyday television.  The user switch from traditional television to smart television and OTT devices is stable and continues to grow- mainly due to the shift in lifestyle preferences. In the United States, more than 200 million users opted for  OTT video content in 2019, and approximately two-thirds of them watched it via their connected television. For advertisers who have the opportunity to accentuate their product, now is the time to try a campaign with video production and  OTT/CTV.

How to start an OTT/CTV campaign?

         In order to start a proper OTT/CTV video advertising campaign you must have an online video ad created that exhibits the strengths of your business or product. Creating a video for your campaign is important to further your presence online, improve social media and contribute to the company’s overall video marketing campaign. Personalization, empathy and values are key components to be successful in any Boston video production. Producing a video can tell the story of your organization, highlight products, or promote a special offer to influence consumer action and raise brand awareness. An appealing video can also offer opportunities for non-product related businesses to showcase their company and take part in the world of digital marketing. While brands become more competitive and the digital space is overwhelmed with advertising, it is essential to hone in on the opportunities OTT/CTV and  video advertising presents.  To utilize our Boston video production and video marketing company, just contact  Viamark Video.  We can help you win the attention of your audience and connect with customers through  video advertising.



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